In the fall of 2018, I began to explore gesture as poem. Intuitively using materials and my body, connections between ideas I was exploring began to rapidly emerge like a hidden web. These are some film stills from video sketches I made at the time. 

Pineapple Sketch I

In this ten minute video I lit candles and cut up a pineapple on the floor. My mom would always light candles and pray before our evening meals together as a family. I also grew up “taking communion” in church services: eating and drinking as a collective ritual to connect with the divine. As I unpack the legacy of the Christian church in settler-colonialism, I am also unpacking my own family history and personal place in the web of neocolonial systems at work today. In another sense, I am also thinking about the ceremony of preparing and sharing food as a quintessential experience of humanity which connects us with our own bodies, with community, and with the non-human beings we share our existence with. 

Pineapple Sketch II

Bromelain, an enzyme in fresh pineapple, is effective in breaking down proteins and is used in many meat tenderizing products. Eating too much pineapple will make your mouth raw. In this seven minute video I cut up a pineapple and consumed it, rubbing it all over my body in the process. I was thinking about my own body as enmeshed in and enabling corporate food systems, about the psychology of being a consumer (desire and convenience), and the hidden violence in these systems and practices of consumption.

Pineapple Sketch III

with food: how does identity and performance give meaning to us as consumers? 

consumption and consumption 

Considering the intersections of consumption, identity and performance as consumer. What are the implications of my acceptance, dependence, and support of capitalist systems of convenience and luxury? what are the hidden costs?